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Orion Beach, Vincentia

a gouache and watercolour painting in a sketchbook of a rocky beach scene in front of the same scene in real life.
This tree has unfortunately succumbed to one of our storms since this painting was done. I began adding gouache on top of the watercolour for more detail and control. November 2021

Orion Beach is my favourite beach. We lived within walking distance of it for a while and would regularly take our dinners there to tire out the kids before bed. On our very first trip to this beach, we saw a pod of dolphins, a school of squid, a ginormous crab eating a flathead, and a juvenile shark. Our regular visits to this beach have resulted in me painting it more than any other location.

A watercolour painting in a sketchbook of rocky coastline being held up in front of the same coastline.
This is one of the flatter ways to access Orion Beach- across about 150 metres of rocks from the Vincentia boat ramp. April 2021

A view looking straight out at the water. Those rocks are amazing to snorkel around at high tide, with tonnes of fish and squid swimming around them. December 2022

This beach is fantastic for multiple reasons. It is great for snorkelling, is nice and quiet as most tourists tend to head to the more famous beaches nearby, it has overhanging trees for shade, clear and calm water with shallow ingress for the kids, plenty of street parking nearby and is also within walking distance of the local shops and public toilets. The main downside of this beach is that it is not very accessible. There are multiple access points but none are flat or possible to get to with a wagon.

A watercolour painting in a sketchbook featuring a beach scene in front of the actual beach scene.
My first painting at Orion beach, It's very simple and messy. March 2021.
A watercolour painting in a sketchbook of a beach scene in front of the real version of the scene.
Here I took a little more time with it as the children were behaving and I had been practicing my plein air painting regularly. January 2022

August 2021

April 2023

I was heavily pregnant at this point and managed to climb up onto some rocks to get a better view of the beach. August 2023

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